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Providing Security Officers for guard service duties at

Super Markets:


Government Ministries:

  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Health

Government Organizations:

  • Grenada National Lottery Authority
  • Grenada Industrial Development Corporation

Business Places:

  • Grenada Breweries Ltd.
  • Geo. F Huggins & Co. Ltd.
  • Gittens Pharmacy
  • Caribbean Agro Industries Ltd.

Insurance Agencies:

  • Sagicor Life Inc
  • Trans-Nemwil Insurance (G'da) Ltd.
  • Demerara Mutual Life Assn Society Ltd.

Credit Unions:

  • Grenada Public Service Credit Union
  • Grenville Credit Union
  • Grenada Building & Loan Association

Providing Security Agents for duties with the following:

  • Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Delta Airlines
  • Caribbean Airlines

Fuel Ports Security:

  • Sol


Providing the services of Money/Cash Transfers and Armed Escorts

Ctech Securities collects and deposits cash for a number of businesses and also provides escort services for Cash in Transit. This service was introduced since 1999 and is carried out in a very covert manner by senior members of the company.


The Company also has a Tech Department which is involved in the installation and servicing of

  • CCTV/IP Cameras
  • Access Control Systems
  • Security Alarms Systems
  • Fire Alarms systems
  • Gate Openers

Ctech Securities has installed these systems in scores of banks, government offices, residences, schools and businesses around the country. Over the last couple months Ctech Securities has upgraded and certified three Fire Alarm systems for a major hotel and two large businesses.


IT Department

As a result of the recent trends in technology, Ctech Securities has added an IT Department to meet the need of our customers. This department facilitates the services which are dependent on the internet as it relates to the receiving and sending data in a real time process, such as the IP Camera system. This service affords a customer the ability to monitor his/her business or residence from any part of the world via the internet.


Providing 24 hours Central Office Monitoring

Central Office Monitoring is utilized by over 300 customers with intrusion and/or alarm systems. Some of these customers includes:

  • Government Ministries
  • Banks
  • Business Places
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospital Departments
  • Schools
  • Airport Departments
  • Port Facilities
  • Post Offices
  • Revenue Departments
  • Embassies

NB: For security reasons we have only named the type of business organization we are currently providing alarm monitoring for rather than actual names. 


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