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  • +1 (473) 440 6191
Managing Director Mr. Lester Clyne
Operations Manager Mr. Raymond Charles
Air Line Agent Coordinator Ms. Maria Baptiste
Accountant Ms. Elizabeth Bethel


Key Personnel:  
Technician Supervisor  
Guard Supervisor Mr. Russel Felix
Airport Supervisor Ms. Maria Baptiste
Airport Supervisor Asst Ms. Joanne King
Airport Supervisor Asst Mr. Delvin Noel



At present the company employs over 100 staff which includes Security officers, Security Agents, Technicians, Drivers and Management.
The Company owns 3 vehicles.
Security Officers
About 85% of these officers have all received some level of training in
  • Basic defensive techniques
  • Control access to and exit from the work place
  • Control and direct crowds
  • Employ batons and handcuffs
  • Maintain the security of premises and property
  • Manage conflict in the work place
  • Manage intoxicated persons
Port Security Agents
These agents have all successfully completed training in various aspect of Port Security which includes among others
  • Maritime Security Threats
  • Security checks to Port Installations
  • Functions of the Security Officers
  • Supervision of cargo ship stores and communications
  • Monitoring of Port Facilities and berths


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